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27 إبريل 2022

Ghosn Dairy | Arab Center for Nutrition and Fitness Sciences
Under the supervision of a group of the best doctors specializing in diet and scientific diet and from various Arab countries.
Ghosn Dairy offers the best diet for weight loss and weight gain, therapeutic menus for obesity and the diseases caused by obesity, our program is the oldest and most famous among other programs, in the Arab world and Iraq in particular, by breaking records in fattening and slimming in various Arab countries, and still, thank God The success continues to this day.
The program does not support other crooked methods of slimming that lead to the death of the fat and thin people.
One of the most important features of our food program is that you can eat your usual and daily food with the family, and you have complete freedom to choose what you like from your favorite foods, without any deprivation or hunger, fitness will come to you while you are full of stomach and with full physical strength.

We look forward to the Ghosn Dairy Diet program reaching the Arab world and the world, achieving leadership at the local, Arab and global levels, and providing the highest quality information to customers to amaze them and achieve their goal of obtaining a healthy weight, and providing the best solutions, modern scientific consultations and menus appropriate to their cases, and among the most skilled nutrition experts, Which contributes to adding more success to their successes, as our motto is always .. Wait for more success after reaching your slim body.


Ghosn Dairy’s mission is to provide integrated services to those afflicted with obesity and thinness and the diseases they have suffered as a result of these physical problems, and to provide solutions, consultations and directions, using the best and latest methods and methods available in the field of correct nutrition sciences by integrating intelligent computer programming with medical science and therapeutic nutrition, to clients who They want to get rid of obesity and thinness, which brings them health and safety and their future with benefit and benefit, as well as always contributing to the development of their food culture to spread the benefit and nutritional awareness in the community.



Ghosn Al Dairy is always committed to integrity and ethics in dealing with customers to form good relationships with them and gain their trust by providing the best and finest services to them to achieve their complete satisfaction with the results and the services and continuous support during the slimming period. .


• Ghosn Dairy Center has placed a special place in the list of the best integrated nutritional programs in the Arab world.
• Providing our services and accessing them to all customers in all countries of the world, whether Arab countries or international countries.
• To achieve all the client's needs related to therapeutic nutrition to get rid of obesity and thinness and to become the client's first choice.
• Providing the best and easiest solutions and consultations for the client who wants to have a slim, healthy and perfect body.
• Achieving complete customer satisfaction with the service provided to him and ensuring that the level of service provision was at the highest level.
• Paying attention to the quality of the smart food program and constantly improving and developing it and developing special strategies for it.
• Provide an experienced technical support team and constantly develop its skills to be able to solve technical problems in the program.

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