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Diet for diabetics

11 مايو 2022


Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is a disease phenomenon that appears as a result of a deficiency or loss of insulin secretion, accompanied by a rise in blood sugar with symptoms, which we mentioned in the book “A Miracle for the Obese” pg.
Diabetes is of two types:
Type I (treatment is limited to insulin lactation): where the secretion of insulin from the pancreas is absolutely interrupted, and it usually occurs in children and young people under the age of thirty.

The second type: insulin secretion decreases or insulin production remains, as if the body shows resistance to the action of insulin, and here it can be treated by diet.

So, what is a diet?
The nutritional program for diabetics is customized according to the condition of the patient, through a case study by nutrition experts in Ghosn Al Banan
As a result, the nutritional menus are delivered, with a follow-up to the situation and changes that occur to it.

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