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Diet to lose excess weight

11 مايو 2022

The Ghosn Dairy Diet program is characterized by several different diets that are specific to specific cases, which we will address in the upcoming articles, but now we will shed light on the special diet to lose weight and get rid of fat. Computer engineering, to generate for us a program that is accurate in results, and what distinguishes this program most is its comprehensiveness by collecting all the various dishes in Iraq in particular and in the Arab world in general, so that it allows you to choose what you like from the various meals, to add it in your food list that the program will give you after studying the quantities that fits your body, after entering all your information or the points you suffer from, such as:
(Weight - height - age - gender - diseases...etc.), the program is characterized by ease of application, accuracy of the result, not being isolated from the family trip, and not exposing you to starvation or deprivation.

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