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Special diet for pregnant women

11 مايو 2022

You're not alone, now you have to eat two people's food!
If you don't want food, eat for your baby, he needs food!
If you don't eat more, your baby will be born deficient!
You may not feel hungry, but your fetus in your tummy is hungry!

These and other phrases motivate the pregnant woman to eat more, and thus lead to an abnormal increase in the weight of the pregnant woman; Mothers’ weight gain is due to this negative thinking, at a time when medical science rejects all these illogical sayings and conclusions.
Which does not have any scientific credentials, the fetus in its early stages does not need high calories, nor to a variety of foods, instead of giving the pregnant woman several kilograms of food, give her one milligram of vitamin folic acid, without which the fetus may develop abnormalities in his nervous system.
Therefore, Ghosn Banana designed for pregnant women smart nutritional programming that is concerned with the correct nutrition of the pregnant woman in the first trimester of pregnancy, in the second trimester, and in the last trimester of pregnancy.

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