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Ghosnalban for kids (for children and teens)

21 مايو 2022

Each of the life stages that an individual goes through has its own characteristics and characteristics, which are commensurate with the role that you will play in life, and one of the most important stages is the stage of puberty or growth and maturity, i.e. in the transitional stage from childhood to adolescence.
In the stage of rapid physical growth requires an increase in thermal energy and other nutrients, as well as adolescents are characterized by a sense of self and their choice of what they eat, influenced by their friends, the possibility of eating outside the home, and attention to appearance and color, which makes it difficult to control their nutritional choices!
The healthy balanced food that we provide in Ghosn Dairy for kids, and the special follow-up by a nutritionist for children and adolescents during the registration period in the program, not only benefits in optimal growth, good health and obtaining the ideal body, but also in the prevention of chronic diseases later on.

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