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Weight stabilization after slimming

11 مايو 2022

Many of the obese lost their weight, but few of them were able to maintain the fitness that they hard-earned.
To maintain weight, you can choose one of the following two methods:

First method:

To know the amount of calories you need in one day, and to find out about this matter, and for more other information, all you have to do is contact the Ghosn Dairy Center and ask them to give you the number of calories you need in order to stabilize your weight, and through the information given to you, you can calculate The foods you need daily to stabilize your weight.

the following method:

To contact your diet center at the Ghosn Al Dairy center and ask them to send the appropriate list to stabilize your weight, after you specify the foods that you like to eat on each day of the week, no matter what, you will receive the fixing diet immediately either on your mobile or at your email address, and you can change meals. Foods whenever you want to change.

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