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Learn about a pregnant diet to maintain weight

09 مايو 2022
Learn about a pregnant diet to maintain weight

Many pregnant women suffer from unhealthy weight gain, so they must follow a healthy diet.

Let's get acquainted in the following with the most important information and details regarding a pregnant woman's diet aimed at maintaining her weight:

Diet for pregnant women to maintain weight

Pregnant women are usually advised to maintain their weight naturally during their pregnancy, through a healthy diet, and it must be noted that women's bodies differ from each other, especially during pregnancy.

for example; Women who are characterized by their slim body, have a body mass index of no more than 18.5, and therefore they should weigh from 12.7 to 18.14 kilograms in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

As for women who are overweight, they must have a BMI between 25 and 29.9, so some women may suffer from obesity; Because they have a BMI of over 30.

This means that during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, it is possible for their weight to exceed 6.80 to 11.33 kilograms.

Example of a pregnant diet to maintain a healthy weight

It is worth noting that the American Society has established a diet for pregnant women, for one day, which includes three daily meals.

These meals are characterized by being small and balanced, in addition to three snacks during the day between the main meals. These meals include some nutritional foods, as follows:

1. Breakfast

Breakfast is a meal that includes: oatmeal, a banana, one slice of whole wheat toast, two teaspoons of jam, and one glass of skim milk.

2. Snack

Snack includes one cup of yogurt, for example grapes.

3. Lunch

Examples are pieces of Turkish chicken, preferably after exposure to steam heat in order to avoid listeria, a cheese sandwich from whole wheat bread, one bag of potato chips, and pears, in addition to one cup of skim milk.

4. Snack

Vegetables can be eaten raw and dipped in a low-calorie sauce for a snack.

5. Dinner

Dinner includes one cup of wild rice, one cup of vegetables, one cup of skim milk, and 124.41 grams of chicken.

6. Snack

An example: a fresh fruit, or a cup of low-fat frozen yogurt.

Diet for pregnant women: foods that must be contained

A pregnant woman's diet should include a number of foods, including:

vegetables and fruits.
Starchy foods rich in carbohydrates.
Foods that contain protein in high amounts.
Foods rich in healthy fats, such as: omega-3, but excessive intake of unhealthy fats should be limited.
Foods that contain a high amount of fiber.
A healthy daily amount of calcium.
Foods that contain zinc and folic acid because of their important role in the growth and development of the fetus.
Pregnancy diet: foods to avoid

In the following, let's get acquainted with the most prominent foods that pregnant women should limit or even avoid during their pregnancy:

Some types of fish contain mercury.
Uncooked or partially cooked meat.
raw eggs
Uncooked or undercooked ready meals.
Ripe cheese.
alcoholic beverages;
Drinks and foods containing caffeine.
Tips to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy

A pregnant woman should follow some tips that help her reduce weight gain during pregnancy, and the most important of these tips are the following:

Start your pregnancy at a healthy and good weight as possible.
Eat in moderation, without overdoing it.
Drink plenty of water.
Start with a simple walking regime and do some exercise.

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